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Quote Guide

Quoting is extremely simple in DLA/DIBBS.

The solicitation document will tell you about the terms and conditions required, delivery interval, packaging, etc. The Technical Data Package (TDP) will generally contain drawings, engineering notes and standards. When you submit a quote, you are saying that you have read, understand and will comply with all that is in the solicitation and the TDP.

For solicitations posted in DLA/DIBBS that are of interest, you should first look at the drawings to see if this is something you are interested in. Then you should look at the solicitation to see if there is any reason stated that would cause you not to be interested.

There are three key phases to preparing a quote for a DLA/DIBBS solicitation:

  1. Reading and understanding the Solicitation. Solictations are typically 20 or more pages and contain important information. Click here to see our DLA/DIBBS RFQ Guide
  2. Downloading and working with the technical data package. Click here to see our Tech Data Package Guide.
  3. Placing a quote. In DLA/DIBBS, you will use their on-line quote system. Once you are familiar with it, it only takes a minute or so to submit a quote. Click here to see our DLA/DIBBS Bid Instructions.

Once your quote is submitted, it can take from 5 days to more than 30 days for an award to be made. This will be done by email. If you are not the winner, as a bidder you have a right to know who won and the value of the contract. Buyers generally send the email to all bidders. If you do not receive one, you have a right to ask the buyer to provide the award information to you.

Always read the solicitation and all associated drawings and specs before submitting a quote

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