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cFolders Registration Guide and Status Check

cFolders is a DLA site with a direct link on the DLA/DIBBS home page. This is the site where most DLA solicitations will post their full Technical Data Packages (TDP). These packages may consist of drawings, specifications, standards, procedures, etc. These are the official specifications that must be conformed to by any bidder for the item/s requested in the solicitation. Following is the procedure for cFolders registration.

All cFolders users must have a personal DLA/DIBBS account. Once you have established your DLA/DIBBS account, your initial cFolders User ID and password will be the same as in DLA/DIBBS.

cFolders password rules are explained here. When you log-on to cFolders for the first time use must use your DLA/DIBBS User ID and password. If you succeed you will be asked to create a new password just for cFolders.


To establish your access to cFolders

  1. Go to the DLA/DIBBS home page
  2. Click on DLA Collaboration Folders in the Technical Data section of the DLA/DIBBS home page.
  3. Follow the instructions.
  4. You will be asked to create a new 15-digit password for cFolders.

If you are having trouble with this registration, you may need to call the DISA Global Service Desk at 1-844-347-2457, Press 5, and then speak or enter D-L-A.

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