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Frequently Asked Questions

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Live Help
   ● Who can I call for help with DIBBS Navigator?
   ● Who can I call for help with Registrations, bidding, solicitations and tech data?
   ● How do I register in cFolders.
   ● What registrations do I need in order to do business with the US Government
   ● My CAGE Code has expired. How do I reactivate it?
Using DIBBS Navigator
   ● I don't understand how to use NSN Groups. Please explain.
   ● How do I create a Product Group?
   ● Where does the data for DIBBS Navigator come from?
   ● What are the key advantages of DIBBS Navigator?
   ● How do I create a NSN group?
   ● Please explain how Product Groups work.
Finding Opportunities
   ● How do I find new solicitations
Getting Technical Data
   ● Why can't I open up links to tech documents?
   ● How do I find an overview or basic drawing so I see what an item looks like?
   ● What is a C4 file and how do I open it?
   ● When I open a tech docs file, some of the files are locked and it says I need additional access
   ● Is price the only factor in deciding who wins?
   ● After I have received a contract award, how to I submit paperwork regarding shipment and how do I get paid?
   ● How do I handle shipping finished product to the government?
   ● Where can I find information about NSN?
   ● What is an NSN?

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