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The DIBBS RFQ documents are all very similar. There are specific sections that always occur in the same sequence. Embedded in some of these sections is important information relative to what the government expects on that particular RFQ. DIBBS will always use a Standard Form 18. It is important to know that you do not fill out or submit this RFQ form. You will create and submit your bid using the DLA Bid Board System. However, the written content of the Request for Quotation is very important. Following are notes on some of the key sections. You can download the RFQ document directly from the listing of the solicitation in DIBBS Navigator.

Cover Page – this contains information regarding key dates for submission and buyer contact information

Section A – among other notices, this section will tell you

Section B – among other notices, contains basic information about the item being procured and will tell you

Section C – contains descriptions, specifications or statement of work. This section is often not used in DIBBS RFQs.

Section D – describes the packaging, preservation and packing requirements for the solicitation. The section is often not used in DIBBS RFQS

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