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Four Steps to Winning DIBBS Contracts

Getting set up to bid and win federal contracts is easy if you follow our simple four step process.

  1. REGISTER. You must be registered in several places with the government in order to bid. The process is simple and free. It is wise to check all of the registrations listed to make sure of your status with each one. Click here and follow our REGISTRATION GUIDE to check status of your registrations and to obtain those you still need. You must be properly registered before you move to the next steps.

  2. FIND OPEN SOLICITATIONS. There are thousands of new opportunities posted every day. Click here to access our SOLICITATION FINDER GUIDE that will explain where the opportunities are and how to find the ones that are right for your business.

  3. GET THE TECHNICAL DATA. You can't make a bid until you have thoroughly examined all the technical data for the solicitation. The technical data can contain drawings, specifications, compliance documents, etc. Click here to access our TECH. DATA GUIDE that will instruct you on how this process works.

  4. Quote. Quoting involves downloading the solicitation documents and submitting your quote. Click here to access our QUOTING GUIDE that will instruct you on how this process works.
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