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Tech Data Guide

Downloading and reviewing Technical Data Package (TDP) related to a solicitation is critical to the process of understanding the stated requirements of the RFQ. Virtually all tech data for DIBBS RFQs will be stored for download at the DLA cFolders site ( If you have not registered for cFolders and wish to download RFQ tech data, please visit the cFolders section of this Support Documentation.

  1. Click on the Tech Docs link for your solicitation in DIBBS Navigator
  2. You will immediately be directed to the login page of cFolders. Enter your user name and password. NOTE: once you have logged in, you will not have to log in again until you turn your computer off.
  3. Press Enter and you will be taken directly to the location in cFolders where the files for your specific solicitation are stored.
  4. You will see a screen that list information about the tech data package

  5. To download tech data from cFolders for a specific solicitation, follow this procedure

  6. Click on Download Solicitation. The resulting screen will list all the files in the package. If you are trying to quickly review drawings only, use the Deselect All button and then check only those files whose filename contains a DD
  7. When the files you want to see are selected, click Continue and a ZIP folder containing the files will be prepared and appear as a link on the next screen.
  8. Click on the ZIP file and a folder with all the files will be on your computer screen

TDP files are generally only in PDF or C4 (JEDMICS) format. It is likely that you have a reader that will open PDF files. It is unlikely that you have a C4 reader. It is critical that you can open and view C4 files. There are at least two options for this utility. See our C4 Reader Guide for instructions and details.

For some solicitations you will see a requirement for ADDL ACCESS REQUIRED. Click here to get help with getting the required additional access.

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