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DLA/DIBBS and cFolders Passwords

Rules for Password creation (consistent with both DIBBS and cFolders rules)

  1. Length – must be minimum of 15 character and not exceed 60
  2. Content – must contain at least 2 characters from each of 4 classes
    1. Upper case (ABC, etc.)
    2. Lower case (abc, etc.)
    3. Numbers (0123, etc.)
    4. Special characters (!@#$%^&+=)
  3. Sequence – must have no more that 4 characters from a class (see above) in a row
  4. Sequence – must not have repeat of same character within a three character sequence (abe but not aab or bab)
  5. Sequence – no more that one Special Character in a row
  6. Password cannot start or end with ! and cannot be the first special character used
  7. Password must start with ABC, etc. or abc, etc. (no numbers or special characters)
  8. Password cannot end with ! or ? and cannot be the first special character used
Rules for new password
  1. Must change at least 8 characters in old password in order to use it as a new one
  2. Must be different from your last 10 DLA passwords
Suggested Password Template – there are many rules governing a DLA password. We have found it useful to use a somewhat intelligent format that can be changed in a way the makes sense. Following is a format that meets DLA rules, works and can be changed in a logical way:

Au27 is the date (August 27) you set this password. Since passwords must be changed every 60 days these first 4 characters serve as reminder of password change due date

raf is initials for someone you know +1307 incorporates 4 numbers with some meaning to you (address, etc.)

=2019 is the year you set this password (in this case the password was set Aug 27,2019

When you need to change the password, the first 4 characters will be determined by the current day. In order to meet the requirement for changing 8 characters, it is easiest to change the 4 numbers in the middle of the existing password (ex: 1307 could change to 2418 by adding 1 to each of the old numbers) .

If you are having trouble with passwords, you should call the DISA Global Service Desk at 1-844-347-2457, Press 5, and then speak or enter D-L-A.
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