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Registering in DLA/DIBBS and Status Check

In order to bid on most solicitations, you will use the electronic submission (bid board) utility located on the DLA/DIBBS site. Each user must register individually under the CAGE code of their company. Because a DLA/DIBBS registration gives that person the ability to submit a binding bid to the government on behalf of their company, registration is carefully controlled. The person that initially registers themselves under the company CAGE code, is designated by DLA as the Super User. That person must approve anyone else that wants to register under your company CAGE code.

If you know your user name and password for DLA/DIBBS, go to the DLA/DIBBS home page and click the Log In button in far upper right of the homepage. Enter your credentials. If they are accepted, then you have positively confirmed your access to the DLA/DIBBS bid system. Because DLA/DIBBS requires you change your password every 60 days, it is quite possible the site may prompt you to enter an new password. The password requirements for DLA/DIBBS are extensive and include using a minimum of 15 characters.

IMPORTANT: DLA passwords are a major hassle. Click here for detailed help.

If you are unable to log in, you can check to determine if your company is registered in DLA/DIBBS and who the Super User is by going to the DLA/DIBBS registration site here. Enter your CAGE code, click Next and the resulting screen will tell you if the company is registered with DLA/DIBBS and who the Super User is. As a result of this check, you will likely find that one of three conditions exist. Find the one that is appropriate and follow the instructions.

If there is no previous registration in DLA/DIBBS from anyone in your company:
  1. Your company must be registered in SAM first and you must have a SAM registration.
  2. Go to the DLA/DIBBS home page
  3. Click on Vendor Registration
  4. DLA/DIBBS is linked with the SAM system.
  5. DLA/DIBBS will pre-fill certain registration information (company name; business address; DUNS number; SAM registration point of contact (POC); contact telephone number; and, contact email/fax address) from the SAM the first time a representative for a CAGE starts the DLA/DIBBS registration process
  6. Full DIBBS registration is a two step process where you fill out the required fields in the online registration form and submit
  7. DIBBS will then mail you a postcard to the address associated with your CAGE record in SAM
  8. The postcard will contain a PIN number. When you receive the postcard, go back into your DIBBS registration, enter the PIN and submit. Your registration in DIBBS will be complete. DIBBS states that you should expect to receive your postcard in about 10 days from the time you complete your initial part of the registration.

If your company is already registered in DLA/DIBBS:

  1. The person who is the Super User (created the company account in DLA/DIBBS and SAM) must add you to the authorized user list
  2. They must log into DLA/DIBBS, click on Account and then click on Add Account and enter your name, phone and email
  3. You will receive an email with a link to DLA/DIBBS registration followed by a second email with a temporary pin
  4. Follow the instructions using the PIN and finish creating your account by providing a password.

If your company is already registered in DLA/DIBBS and the Super User is not available:

  1. Contact DLA/DIBBS using their feedback form
  2. Enter your company information in the field provided.
  3. Request that your account be deleted because “our Super User has left the company” or whatever best describes your situation.
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