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C4 Reader Guide

Many Department of Defense technical drawings are in the C4 (JEDMICS) file format. You will be able to download these files, but if you do not have software that will recognize C4 format, you will be unable to view them.

You can easily recognize a C4 file by the extension. (Ex: drawing.C4)

A unique characteristic of the C4 format is that each page of a document must be in a separate C4 file. Thus a 30 page TDP (Tech Data Package) may consist of 30 C4 files. Typically, a TDP provided with a solicitation will consist of a mixture of C4 and PDF files.

The government provides a free C4 viewer ImageView. This program works well for viewing a single file, but it will not save the C4 file in other formats (like PDF). ImageView can be downloaded here. 

Alternatively, you can download ImageView directly from DIBBS Navigator here.

When installing ImageView, accept all the defaults.

There are a number of other commercial programs available that will open C4 files, but most are rather expensive. The most efficient and least expensive program alternative to ImageView we have found is XnView MP. It is offered as freeware currently. We have used it for over 5 years and found it extremely useful and stable. Click here.

When you download the program be sure to scroll down to the section of the XN page where it directs you on how to Download XnView MP in various formats. Select the format appropriate for your computer operating system

If you elect to use XnViewMP, it is not uncommon, when you use the program for the first time, to find that it will not open a C4 file. This is because the C4 option needs to be turned on. To activate C4 go to TOOLS on the top bar, select SETTINGS, select GENERAL (navigation options on the left) and then check the box for "Show all graphic formats". You can view the entire list of formats supported by going to HELP on the top bar, selecting ABOUT, selecting the FORMATS tab. This will list all formats supported and the file extension associated with the format. If you scroll down to EDMICS (sometimes called JEDMICS), you should see the C4 extension associated with this file type

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