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Government Needs Suppliers

In the last 7 days Defense Logistics Agency issued 11,287 Solicitations, Worth $190,226,266

The federal government routinely issues over 12,000 solicitations a week. Many are custom manufactured to-print items. Many are set aside for only small businesses. DIBBS Navigator makes it easy to find and review only those that match your business profile and preferences.

In order to bid, you must have several free government registrations. If you are not sure which of these you have and what you need, click here to use our Registration Guide and instructions.

DIBBS Navigator is FAST

DIBBS Navigator is the fastest way to find opportunities that match your capability. You don't have time to sort through the 1000's of daily solicitations to find a good opportunity. DIBBS Navigator lets you eliminate solicitations that don't have drawings, check previous prices, find solicitations set aside for Small  Business, click a direct link to the technical documents and more.

Selected Immediate Bid Opportunities

NomenclatureDescriptionQtyUnit PricePrice Hist.Extended PriceIssuedBid Closes 
LINK,PARACHUTE,CONN rod formed to C shape with screw barrel closure; DIM: 2.25"H x 1.16"W rod dia .25"; Material: stainless steel 657 $10.87 Hist. $7,142 02/14/24 03/16/24 Details & Drawings
GRILLE,METAL grille weldment fabricate with 12 flat plates mounted to 5 vertical rods ; DIM: overall asembled 13.6" high x 27.5" wide; plates 27.5" x 1" x 0.12" thick; Material: steel 244 $131.00 Hist. $31,964 02/21/24 03/07/24 Details & Drawings
ADAPTER,HOUSING flat round plate with holes drilled to spec; DIM: 10.5" OD x 0.5" thick; Material: AL plate 2024 57 $77.90 Hist. $4,440 02/21/24 03/07/24 Details & Drawings

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