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Government Needs Suppliers

In the last 7 days Defense Logistics Agency issued 8,160 Solicitations, Worth $86,955,395

The federal government issues over 12,000 solicitations a week (take a peek). Many are custom manufactured to-print items. Many are set aside for only small businesses. DIBBS Navigator makes it easy to find and review only those that match your business profile and preferences.

In order to bid, you must have several free government registrations. If you are not sure which of these you have and what you need, click here to use our Registration Guide and instructions.

DIBBS Navigator is FAST

DIBBS Navigator is the fastest way to find opportunities that match your capability. You don't have time to sort through the 1000's of daily solicitations to find a good opportunity. DIBBS Navigator lets you eliminate solicitations that don't have drawings, check previous prices, find solicitations set aside for Small  Business, click a direct link to the technical documents and more.

Selected Immediate Bid Opportunities

NomenclatureDescriptionQtyUnit PriceExtended PriceIssuedBid Closes 
LINK,TRACK SHOE,CON sinlge piece forged connector link approx rectangular with two hole; DIM: 3.9"L x 2.1" W; Material: steel 2,000 $12.92 $25,840 01/16/21 01/31/21 Details & Drawings
COVER,BATTERY BOX battery box cover and seat combination; welded assembly from sheet stock; nominally flat rectangular ; DIM: 31" x 13"; Material: AL 5086 .125" thick 20 $245.39 $4,908 01/18/21 01/29/21 Details & Drawings
CABLE ASSEMBLY,SPEC single length cable connectorized each end with 12 contact round connector; DIM: 30" L; Material: 24 AWG cable and connectors (2) per spec 14 $1,198.45 $16,778 01/18/21 01/29/21 Details & Drawings
RETAINER,BRAKE SHOE single piece plate with splined shaft centered one side of plate; DIM: Plate 2.28" OD; Shaft .37" OD; overall 2.7" L; Material: steel 4340 11 $1,118.73 $12,306 12/27/20 01/29/21 Details & Drawings
WEIGHT,COUNTERBALAN round washer withone outside corner chamfered; center hole; DIM: .48" OD x .065" H; Material: iconel alloy 718 1,370 $14.13 $19,358 01/18/21 01/29/21 Details & Drawings
TUBE ASSEMBLY,ENGIN fuel feed tube assembly consisting of single length tube with three radius bends; one end fiared and fitted with sleeve and nut; DIM: 35.5" L before bends; Material: AL tube 1.5" OD with .35" wall 8 $2,441.00 $19,528 12/28/20 01/28/21 Details & Drawings
CABLE ASSEMBLY,SPEC single length power cable with 3 prong AC male one end; round collar connector other end; DIM: 80" L; Material: 16 AWG three wire cable and (1) fivew socket round connector per spec 162 $199.99 $32,398 01/18/21 01/26/21 Details & Drawings
SCREW,SHOULDER high torque drive head screw per 80205-NAS1790 standard; DIM: .722" L x .4" thread length x .25" thread dia; Material: titanium alloy 3,404 $6.79 $23,113 01/11/21 01/22/21 Details & Drawings
BRACKET,VEHICULAR C long bar with rectangular cross section; one corner of length machined to 45 deg ; DIM: 38" L x 1.38" x 1.7"; Material: AL alloy 56 $195.58 $10,952 01/10/21 01/21/21 Details & Drawings
STUD,STEPPED round stud with two step OD threaded both ends; DIM: 1.3"L x .31" max OD; Material: steel 79 $6.40 $506 01/10/21 01/21/21 Details & Drawings

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