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Government Needs Suppliers

In the last 7 days Defense Logistics Agency issued 10,508 Solicitations, Worth $109,750,331

Important New Release: CMMC Navigator
DIBBS Navigator subscription now includes free unlimited use of CMMC Navigator. This important tool guides you through the process of complying with the government's new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program. Check it out here.
The federal government issues over 12,000 solicitations a week (take a peek). Many are custom manufactured to-print items. Many are set aside for only small businesses. DIBBS Navigator makes it easy to find and review only those that match your business profile and preferences.

In order to bid, you must have several free government registrations. If you are not sure which of these you have and what you need, click here to use our Registration Guide and instructions.

DIBBS Navigator is FAST

DIBBS Navigator is the fastest way to find opportunities that match your capability. You don't have time to sort through the 1000's of daily solicitations to find a good opportunity. DIBBS Navigator lets you eliminate solicitations that don't have drawings, check previous prices, find solicitations set aside for Small  Business, click a direct link to the technical documents and more.

Selected Immediate Bid Opportunities

NomenclatureDescriptionQtyUnit PricePrice Hist.Extended PriceIssuedBid Closes 
LINK ASSEMBLY,HINGE flat plate oval shape with four holes; bushing inserted three of holes; DIM: approx 8.5" L x 2.2" W x 0.5" thick; Material: AL plate 92 $75.39 Hist. $6,936 07/25/21 08/27/21 Details & Drawings
CABLE ASSEMBLY,RADI single length coax cable with connectors each end; DIM: 86" L; Material: SMA connectors and cable per spec 16 $209.30 Hist. $3,349 07/20/21 08/21/21 Details & Drawings
IDLER PIN,ROADWHEEL round pin with stepped and tapered OD reduction; DIM: 5" L x 1.2" max OD; Material: steel alloy 967 $9.43 Hist. $9,119 07/22/21 08/10/21 Details & Drawings
BRACKET,MOUNTING three piece bracket assembly; each piece cut from sheet stock; cut drill and bend to spec; assemble with bolt/nut; DIM: Assembled 11" x 4" x 5"; Material: AL sheet .090" thick 60 $92.34 Hist. $5,540 07/26/21 08/10/21 Details & Drawings
SPACER,SLEEVE rectangular plate crowned one face with two threaded holes; DIM: 2"L x .75"W x .21" max thickness; Material: steel plate 4130 16 $50.00 Hist. $800 07/27/21 08/09/21 Details & Drawings
WIRING HARNESS,BRAN cable harness with two branches each with conector; DIM: 214" L; Material: 22 AWG wire and three connectors 25 $1,833.21 Hist. $45,830 07/27/21 08/09/21 Details & Drawings
SHAFT,SHOULDERED round shaft with 8 stepped OD reductions; chamfer head; black oxide finish; DIM: 2.25" L x .75" max OD; Material: steel 4140 20 $66.29 Hist. $1,326 07/27/21 08/09/21 Details & Drawings
CLEVIS,ROD END three fork arm clevis with external thread shank; DIM: 7" L x 2" W across clevis arms; shank .617" dia; Material: steel 34 $42.00 Hist. $1,428 07/22/21 08/06/21 Details & Drawings
CABLE ASSEMBLY,POWE single conductor power cable with crimp lugs each end; DIM: 16.5" L; Material: 2/0 AWG high temp cable 110 $125.50 Hist. $13,805 07/26/21 08/06/21 Details & Drawings
PLUG,ANODE RETAINING hex head plug with threaded shaft; DIM: head 1.75" across flats; shaft .94" OD x .68" L; Material: nickel alum bronze 95 $28.62 Hist. $2,719 07/25/21 08/05/21 Details & Drawings
CABLE ASSEMBLY,SPEC 2 wire cable with connector each end; 13 pin barrel and BNC; DIM: 24" L; Material: 22 AWG wire and two connectors 13 $44.36 Hist. $577 07/27/21 08/04/21 Details & Drawings
CABLE ASSEMBLY,SPEC single length power cable with standard AC grounded plug one end and barrel pin connector other end; DIM: 72" L; Material: 14 AWG 3 conductor cable and two connectors 9 $671.89 Hist. $6,047 07/27/21 08/04/21 Details & Drawings
BUSHING,SLEEVE round bushing with reduced ID and OD one end; radius transition in ID; inside corner chamfer both ends; DIM: 1.45" max OD x 1.2" max ID x 1.65" L; Material: steel AMS 6415 495 $180.08 Hist. $89,140 07/27/21 08/04/21 Details & Drawings

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