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Government Needs Suppliers

In the last 7 days Defense Logistics Agency issued 15,387 Solicitations, Worth $326,747,129

The federal government routinely issues over 12,000 solicitations a week. Many are custom manufactured to-print items. Many are set aside for only small businesses. DIBBS Navigator makes it easy to find and review only those that match your business profile and preferences.

In order to bid, you must have several free government registrations. If you are not sure which of these you have and what you need, click here to use our Registration Guide and instructions.

DIBBS Navigator is FAST

DIBBS Navigator is the fastest way to find opportunities that match your capability. You don't have time to sort through the 1000's of daily solicitations to find a good opportunity. DIBBS Navigator lets you eliminate solicitations that don't have drawings, check previous prices, find solicitations set aside for Small  Business, click a direct link to the technical documents and more.
Product Group Magic!

DIBBS Navigator's ground breaking Product Groups help you find just the solicitations that are right for you.
If you are a machine shop, you don't want to see solicitations for medical supplies, tent floors, dental floss, and electromagnetic relays. Just select the Product Group that's right for you. Groups include Aircraft, Cable/Wire Harness, Fabrication, Gears & Splines, Hardware, Machining, and Textile Sewing.
Low Hanging Fruit!

Many solicitations go unawarded many weeks and months after the Quote Due Date has expired. Low Hanging Fruit finds up to 180 days of solicitations that are 30 or more days past their quote due date, have not been awarded and quoting is still open. Our Low Hanging Fruit filter list is a rich source of these gems that will have little or no competition!

If you want to buy products from a supplier and then resell to DLA, DIBBS Navigator has the tools you need. To resell to DLA, you need to identify the designated supplier, determine if the supplier is already selling direct to DLA and determine if the supplier will sell their products to you. Ours tools make this process fast and efficient.
Don't have ISO 9001 Certification yet?

Our sophisticated filtering system lets you instantly skip problem solicitations like:
- Has extra quality control requirements (e.g., ISO 9001)
- Has no drawings.
- Requires source apporval (OEM or Gov't)
Daily Email Notification

We send you an email every morning with opportunities that match your capabilities.  You can immediately see how many opportunities are available each day and their expected value.
Free Trial

Sign up for a fully functional free 30-day trial. Experience the power and speed of DIBBS Navigator.
We help you get started!

You can't do business with the federal government if you don't have all essential registrations completed.
As part of the 30 day trial, the staff of DIBBS Navigator will review your government registrations and help you get any that are missing. We will show you how to get the most out of DIBBS Navigator.
Nobody does what we do.

Your goal is to find good solicitations FAST. Our filters get you to the good ones faster than any other service. We also provide Expert Phone Support at no additional charge. Compare prices – nobody is more cost effective.

Expired Bid Opportunities (within last 90 days)

NomenclatureDescriptionQtyUnit PricePrice Hist.Extended PriceIssuedBid Closed 
LINK,PARACHUTE,CONN rod formed to C shape with screw barrel closure; DIM: 2.25"H x 1.16"W rod dia .25"; Material: stainless steel 657 $10.87 Hist. $7,142 02/14/24 03/16/24 Details & Drawings
GRILLE,METAL grille weldment fabricate with 12 flat plates mounted to 5 vertical rods ; DIM: overall asembled 13.6" high x 27.5" wide; plates 27.5" x 1" x 0.12" thick; Material: steel 244 $131.00 Hist. $31,964 02/21/24 03/07/24 Details & Drawings
ADAPTER,HOUSING flat round plate with holes drilled to spec; DIM: 10.5" OD x 0.5" thick; Material: AL plate 2024 57 $77.90 Hist. $4,440 02/21/24 03/07/24 Details & Drawings
PLATE,MOUNTING flat irregular shape plate with vertical ridges around perimeter top and bottom; DIM: 18" x 13" x 2.75" thick (includes 1.35" top ridge and .6" bottom ridge); Material: AL 6061 12 $815.00 Hist. $9,780 02/19/24 03/01/24 Details & Drawings
PIN YOKE single piece round base plate with round tube extending vertical from plate; DIM: plate 1.5" OD; tube .525"OD x 1.0" high; Material: CRES 19 $139.19 Hist. $2,645 02/19/24 03/01/24 Details & Drawings
CONNECTING LINK,RIG flat machined bar round each end with bearing each end in .77" dia hole; DIM: 6.18" L x .4" thick; Material: steel 8630 381 $89.00 Hist. $33,909 02/19/24 03/01/24 Details & Drawings
GASKET oval rubber gasket with 20 mounting holes ; DIM: 22" x13" x 1.3" thick; Material: Rubber BUNA-N fuel resistant 16 $150.00 Hist. $2,400 02/19/24 03/01/24 Details & Drawings
HOUSING,BEARING UNI square base plate with round stepped feature to accept bearing sleeve; DIM: base 3.3" sq: overall 1.69" high with 1" ID centered hold for bearing; Material: AL alloy 24 $108.26 Hist. $2,598 02/19/24 02/27/24 Details & Drawings
CABLE ASSEMBLY,POWER,straight round 8 conductor cable connectorized each end; DIM: 100 ft longMaterial: cable CO-04HDF heavy duty power; MS90557C44412 connectors with caps 8 $1,595.06 Hist. $12,760 02/19/24 02/27/24 Details & Drawings
WASHER,SHOULDERED washer flat one side, convex other side; ID chamfered on flat side; DIM: OD 37 mm x ID 20.5 mm x 6.3 mm max thickness; Material: carbon steel 1010 247 $24.00 Hist. $5,928 02/19/24 02/27/24 Details & Drawings
LINK,PARACHUTE,CONN rod formed to C shape with screw barrel closure; DIM: 2.25"H x 1.16"W rod dia .25"; Material: stainless steel 3,010 $10.87 Hist. $32,719 01/24/24 02/23/24 Details & Drawings
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