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Solicitation Finder Guide

The government purchases an enormous volume of goods and services. They do this in a variety of ways that largely depend upon type of product/service and quantity

Very small quantities can often be procured directly from a local vendor and paid for with a government credit card. Generally, these buys do not exceed $5,000.

Beyond these small, local buys the government buys mostly in two ways

The bulk of these free and open competition solicitations are posted in one of two places

These sites work, but are extremely difficult to navigate. When you are looking for new business opportunities from a very long list of thousands of entries, it is important that you can filter out those opportunities that would not be of interest due to content, material, price, quantity, etc.

DIBBS Navigator is a web-based platform that downloads all DLA/DIBBS and FBO solicitations every day, adds content (such as past price history) and reformats the listing to be sortable. DIBBS Navigator also provides filters that will display only solicitations that are of interest to you.

You can explore the power of DIBBS Navigator at our preview page. Use the filters provided. It is likely that you are not interested in solicitations where there is no drawing. Check that filter box. If you are a small business, check the Small Business filter box. Look at the Product Group selection in the drop box provided. Select one that fits you (as a subscriber to DIBBS Navigator, we can help you create custom group for your business). As you invoke these filters, notice how the number of solicitations in the list decreases. Lastly, since you are likely interested in the estimated contract value, click on the word Extended at the top of that column. This will sort the opportunities listed with the highest value contract at the top.

When you see an opportunity in the resulting filtered list, DIBBS Navigator will give you the direct links to access the bid document, the drawings and full past price history. Try using DIBBS Navigator to find interesting opportunities and then try using FBO and DLA/DIBBS (sites listed above) to accomplish the same goal.

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