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Bidding Instructions

All solicitation issued by DLA receive bids using DLA/DIBBS (DLA Internet Bid Board System). This system is extremely simple and many of the fields will automatically populate when you log in to bid on a particular solicitation. It generally takes only 1-2 minutes to fill in the form and submit your bid.

Step 1: Click on the Quote link for your solicitation in DIBBS Navigator or log into your DLA/DIBBS account here and click the login button in upper right corner of the home page. Enter your user name and password.

Step 2: Enter your solicitation number (without spaces or dashes).

Step 3: This is the bid form. It is comprised of four sections (Header, Price, Product, Vendor). Fill in the spaces that DLA/DIBBS highlights in yellow. Some information will be already entered to reflect the terms as stated in the solicitation. Fill in the required entries in each section.

NOTE: the fields you see on a bid form will vary because DLA will insert options and information that are consistent with the particular bid you are working on.

Step 4: Once you have filled in all yellow fields, click the NEXT button in the lower right corner. The new screen will present your bid as you have filled it out. If it accurately represents your bid, click SUBMIT.

Step 5: Wait for the Notice of Award. Most DLA/DIBBS solicitations are awarded within 10 days of the closing date. DLA/DIBBS will notify the winner by email. They are also required to notify all other bidders of the award, including that awardee and the amount of the award.

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